Surrogate Mother Looking for Intended Parents

Surrogate Mother Looking for Intended Parents

Many couples turn to surrogacy when they are unable to have children on their own. When a woman does have this ability and is willing to carry a child for a family who desperately wants one, she is known as a surrogate mother. The individuals who will be raising the child are known as the intended parents.

More often than not, surrogate mothers looking for intended parents find them through a reputable surrogacy agency, such as Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc.

Both the surrogate mother and intended parents must meet numerous requirements before they can match with one another to begin the surrogacy process. These criteria are meant to protect the best interests of both parties. If you are a woman who is prepared to be a surrogate for a family in need, continue reading to learn more about the requirements.

Qualifications to Become a Surrogate Mother

A potential surrogate mother must meet several requirements to be considered a viable surrogate.

Some of these qualifications include having had at least one uncomplicated, full-term pregnancy, being within the right age range, having no history of serious mental health problems like postpartum depression, not smoking or using illegal drugs, having a healthy body mass index, and having no sexually transmitted diseases, among other things.

Additionally, the potential surrogate should be prepared to undergo mental health evaluations, obtain her own transportation to and from doctor appointments, and be off of certain medications that treat depression or anxiety.

These are just a few of the criteria that a potential surrogate mother should meet if she hopes to become a surrogate for a family who wishes to have a baby. When you contact our international surrogacy agency, we will go through the screening process with you step by step to ensure that all of the requirements are met.

Requirements for Intended Parents

It isn’t so much that intended parents have specific criteria they need to meet in order to use a surrogate mother to bear their child, but that they need to be sure that surrogacy is the route they want to take.

Intended parents will need to examine the surrogacy options available to them, make sure they are able to afford the expenses of a surrogacy agreement, and determine whether they are emotionally prepared to handle surrogacy and parenthood.

The major question prospective intended parents will need to ask themselves is this: “Are you ready to become a parent?” Parenthood can be one of the most overwhelming yet joyous times of your life, and thinking long and hard about whether you’re ready to become a parent is critical before you choose to move forward with surrogacy.

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