Ways to Ensure a Healthy Surrogate Pregnancy

If you are an individual who is hoping to use a surrogate mother to expand your family, you will likely want to ensure that the surrogate has a safe and healthy pregnancy so your baby can grow strong and free of complications.

However, when you are not the one carrying the baby, you may be wondering what you can do to make sure that your baby is healthy through their gestation. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to contribute to your growing baby’s health and safety. We go over some of the things you can do in the article below.

Working Out Your Surrogacy Contract Prior to Pregnancy

One of the best ways to contribute to a healthy pregnancy is to ensure that the surrogate mother is stress-free. You can help in this way by developing a well-thought-out surrogacy contract before your surrogate becomes pregnant.

This is important because your surrogacy contract will contain information regarding every possible detail of your surrogacy arrangement, such as what you will do if the baby develops abnormally or your surrogate mother miscarries, what extraordinary measures should be taken if there are complications during labor or delivery, and if you are going to include a pre-birth order in your contract.

With these details out of the way, your surrogate mother will not to need worry herself about what is going to happen at any point in an emergency situation.

Obtaining Proper Prenatal Care

For any pregnancy to be at its healthiest, obtaining the necessary prenatal care is crucial. As part of your surrogacy contract, you will include a portion regarding compensation for all of the surrogate mother’s prenatal care. Part of this care will include coverage of her prenatal vitamins and any other supplements your midwives, nurses, and/or obstetricians recommend.

She will typically attend one appointment each month, followed by one every week beginning the thirty-sixth week of her pregnancy. You will also need to work with your surrogate mother to decide if she will have blood testing done, an amniocentesis, or other prenatal testing as part of the pregnancy.

Stipends for Costs of Living

It is not uncommon for intended parents to cover the essential living expenses of their surrogate mother. If the surrogate has her rent/mortgage payment, utility bills, and her nutritious groceries covered, she will have peace of mind and access to an environment where she (and your growing baby!) can thrive.

Contact a Respected Surrogacy Agency

If you are ready to embark on what is sure to be one of the greatest journeys of your life, work with our respected team at Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc. Our surrogacy agency can assist you in working out how to provide the necessary living expenses your surrogate mother will need to maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy.

We will also be ready to help you build a complete surrogacy contract prior to your surrogate becoming pregnant so these critical details are decided in advance, allowing the surrogate mother to spend her energy growing your baby. You can come in for a free consultation today by clicking on the contact button above or giving our office a call at 412-281-9906.