Whose Name Goes on the Birth Certificate in Surrogacy?

Whose Name Goes on the Birth Certificate in Surrogacy?

When you have chosen surrogacy as a way to complete your family, you will likely have many questions, one of which might be whether or not your names as the intended parents of the baby will be listed as the parents on the child’s birth certificate.

Continue reading to learn more about how Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc. can take steps to ensure that your names are written as being the parents of the baby on your child’s birth certificate.

Your Pre-Birth Order

A pre-birth order is a contract that assigns the intended parents as the rightful parents of the baby that is born through a surrogacy arrangement. However, not every state recognizes pre-birth orders, which is why you will need to work with our staff to determine how pre-birth orders may apply to your case.

If you live in a state that does recognize pre-birth orders, you will typically sign one at or around the surrogate mother’s seventh month of pregnancy. It is worth noting that the order will not officially take effect until the day of the baby’s birth. Whether or not you will have a pre-birth order will be discussed when you begin developing your surrogacy contract.

In the event that your state does not recognize pre-birth orders, your surrogacy agency will begin working on a pre-planned adoption plan that will allow the intended parents’ names to be listed on the baby’s birth certificate upon birth.

Other Components of Your Surrogacy Contract

Your surrogacy contract will not only detail whose names will be on the baby’s birth certificate, but it will also contain every piece of pertinent information that relates to your surrogacy plan, including what extraordinary measures will or will not be taken should complications with the surrogate mother or pregnancy arise, how the surrogate mother will be compensated, the type of surrogacy you are choosing, and a number of other critical details.

This way, both the intended parents and surrogate mother are protected should an emergency arise or should any questions relating to the surrogacy as a whole be brought up after you have already begun your surrogacy journey.

Reach Out to a Qualified Surrogacy Agency

To have your questions regarding pre-birth orders and birth certificate parentage answered, schedule your first appointment with Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc. as soon as possible. You can do so by clicking the “Contact” button we have included above or by calling our office directly at 412-281-9906.