Being a Surrogate for a Family Member

Being a Surrogate for a Family Member

Watching a close family member struggle with fertility issues, be otherwise unable to carry a child of their own, or even long for a baby but have no desire to become pregnant can be a challenge in and of itself.

If you meet certain requirements for becoming a surrogate mother, you may be able to help them by giving them the ultimate gift. Continue reading to learn more about what the criteria for surrogate mothers are and what you should expect as a surrogate for a family member.

Are You a Potential Surrogate Mother?

Simply being fertile has little to do with whether you will meet the requirements to qualify as a surrogate. There are many different criteria, all of which will be discussed during your initial appointment, but some of these requirements include:

  • Being free of STIs (sexually transmitted infections)
  • Having already had one healthy pregnancy
  • Having a complication-free labor and delivery
  • Passing mental health evaluations
  • Abstaining from illicit drug and alcohol use

Surrogacy Arrangements between Family Members

When a family member offers to be a surrogate for a relative, this is often referred to as compassionate or altruistic surrogacy. In most cases, the surrogate mother will not be compensated for her efforts as a surrogate, although the intended parents will typically be prepared to cover the medical expenses that are incurred as a result of the pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

It will be important to consider the fact that surrogacy in and of itself is an emotional experience, but between family members, there are certain boundaries that will need to be set, and an in-depth surrogacy contract will need to be implemented so that both the surrogate mother and the intended parents understand what role they will play in the baby’s life.

Our surrogacy agency will be prepared to match you with a surrogacy counselor who can help you work through the heavy emotions that come with surrogacy between family members so that your surrogacy arrangement goes as smoothly as possible.

Contact a Qualified Surrogacy Center

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