How Long Does the Surrogacy Process Take?

If you are an intended parent struggling with infertility, you may be considering surrogacy as an option for assisted conception. Surrogacy is an excellent way to fulfill your dreams of having a child because it still gives you control over the pregnancy in many ways. You can choose your sperm or egg donor, and the child may still share some of your DNA in certain scenarios.

The best part of surrogacy is that you can be present through the creation and development of your child from start to finish. At Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc., we can match you with a surrogate who feels right. We will also make you comfortable as you move forward with each phase. Although the timeline for surrogacy is unique to each parent, we can give you a ballpark idea of how long the process may take.  

Finding a Surrogate

After deciding to move forward with your surrogacy journey, you must find a surrogate who is right for you and your family. Finding the right surrogate can take up to six months or more, depending on your qualifications and whether a surrogate who meets your needs is available. Once you find a surrogate, the surrogate you choose must also agree to carry your child, because the match is a mutual decision. 

After both parties agree to the surrogacy journey together, the legal contracts must be written up to begin the surrogacy. The legal part of beginning a surrogacy can extend the process, but if you want it to move quickly, you can work with an experienced agency that can handle the legalities for you. 

Fertilization and Embryo Transfer

After your surrogacy is legally finalized, you can begin the medical part of the surrogacy. The medical process can take anywhere from one month to a year or more, depending on how long it takes for in vitro fertilization to be successful.

As the intended mother, you may have to take fertility drugs if you plan to use your own eggs during the surrogacy. A doctor will extract your eggs, and your eggs will be fertilized with sperm in a laboratory dish. 

Once an embryo is created, the embryo will be transferred into the surrogate mother’s uterus. Usually, more than one embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother’s uterus to increase the chances of pregnancy. 

The Pregnancy

Once your surrogate mother receives a positive pregnancy test, you will go on a nine-month journey with her to the finish line of delivery. You can decide how close you want to be with your surrogate mother during her pregnancy, but once she delivers the baby, the baby is yours and you will legally be the parent of your child.  

Reach Out to a Surrogacy Agency in Pittsburgh

Although surrogacy can be physically and emotionally difficult for everyone involved, it is rewarding in many ways. Those who struggle with infertility or are otherwise unable or unwilling to carry a child can use surrogacy to have the baby they always dreamed of.

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