What Is Assisted Reproduction?

What Is Assisted Reproduction?

Assisted reproduction is a broad category of options that couples or individuals who are trying to conceive use when they are either unable to become pregnant or are otherwise interested in utilizing alternatives to have the baby they have been longing for.

There are several different types of assisted reproduction, including different types of surrogacy and sperm and egg donation. We go into greater detail about these assisted reproduction options below.

Surrogacy Options

Gestational and traditional surrogacy are the two most common types of assisted reproduction.

Gestational surrogacy involves the surrogate mother becoming pregnant through in vitro fertilization using donor egg and sperm or that of the intended parents. In a traditional surrogacy plan, the surrogate mother will use her own eggs and undergo intrauterine insemination to become pregnant with donor sperm or sperm of the intended father.

If you are considering a surrogacy arrangement, you will need to take time to consider which path will work best for you, your family, and your surrogate mother.

Sperm and Egg Donation

As can be seen from the different types of surrogacy arrangements described above, egg and sperm donations are an integral part of assisted reproduction. This is particularly true for individuals who are planning to be single parents to their baby, same-sex couples, or couples who have been struggling with infertility issues.

Without sperm or egg donations, surrogacy would be nearly impossible. Sperm donors often donate regularly and are compensated accordingly, while egg donors typically sign on for a six-month donation process that includes taking necessary medications and undergoing an egg retrieval procedure.

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