How Do You Find a Surrogate Mother?

If you are an intended parent considering surrogacy, one of the most difficult parts of your decision can be choosing the right surrogate mother to help bring your child into the world. Your surrogate mother will become a part of your family for a period of time, and you must trust this person completely. When you have a healthy relationship with your surrogate, the experience can be positive and enjoyable.

At Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc., we understand the importance of choosing a surrogate. We want to help intended parents make the right choice by simplifying the process and matching them with the right surrogate mother.

Create a Personalized Surrogacy Plan

The first step in finding a surrogate mother is to create a personalized surrogacy plan. Your agency representative can help you create this plan by asking you questions about your priorities during pregnancy. One of the first decisions you must make is whether you will choose gestational or traditional surrogacy.

Gestational surrogacy transfers both the egg and sperm into the surrogate mother; traditional surrogacy uses the egg of the surrogate. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is the biological mother of the child, which can make choosing a surrogate mother more difficult.

Regardless of which route you choose, you may have other requests for your surrogate mother, such as specific age requirements or health specifications. Knowing what you want before moving forward with the matching process can make finding a surrogate less stressful.

Find the Right Match

Once you know which type of surrogate mother you are looking for, your agency can assist you with finding the right match. You can sift through many women and choose which option feels right for you. Your agency will screen all the women you consider to make sure they are physically and psychologically able to carry a child. You will also have the chance to interview your surrogate before making a decision. 

How a Reputable Agency Can Help

Without the help of a reputable surrogacy agency, finding a surrogate can feel impossible. You may not have the resources you need to make sure your surrogate mother is healthy, to set up the legal contracts associated with surrogacy, or to move forward with in vitro fertilization. Having an agency handle these tasks for you will decrease your stress so you can focus on the most important thing: your future child.

Contact Our Surrogacy Center in Philadelphia

At Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc., we can handle your surrogacy from the moment you choose this route until after the baby is born. We will protect your parental rights, take care of compensation between you and the surrogate mother, and set up contracts to keep emotions at ease. Most importantly, we will help match you with a surrogate mother that fits your family.

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